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A huge year for Abylight Studios

It is time to step up. Releasing One Military Camp in 2023 (developed by Abylight Barcelona) was only the beginning, and we are now celebrating our most ambitious lineup of game releases ever for 2024. Both for games developed by Abylight and published by us.

Let us present a collection of indie games coming to PC and consoles in the following months, curated by its quality and uniqueness.


Citadelum, a Roman city builder

Citadelum is coming to Steam on 2024


We are incredibly hyped by our next release, Citadelum. A strategy / city builder set in Ancient Rome with a mythical twist. You will be able to build your settlement, gather and refine resources, evolve it into a big city and manage life of your villagers. On a second layer, Citadelum will introduce exploration, setting trade routes and fighting barbarian hordes with your legions, thanks to a auto-battle system in which you choose the troops and formations before the battle.

But we told you about myths, right? Gods of the Roman Pantheon play a key role in our next game. You will be able to serve them and be granted with gifts, or defy them and be punished. The behave in a capricious way so maybe you will have to choose between some of them; getting advantages in battle from Mars of bigger crops thanks to Ceres?



Hermetica, a turn-based deckbuilder

An alchemy fueled deckbuilder coming 2024


Travel back to darker times with this alchemy based deckbuilder. Hermetica is the second game by Red Mountain Studios, and a new take on deckbuilder / strategy games. Set in Sixteenth Century, players will join Blasco in the search of the Philosopher’s Stone. Use your deck wisely, craft new cards in your laboratory and battle mythical creatures taken from medieval codex.

Hermetica features medieval inspired art and music, and it is set in the legendary city of Toledo, Spain, a place full of secrets and legends. Collect more than 100 different cards, and embark on a roguelite experience, with new levels, enemies and cards each time you play.



Exographer, a science metroidvania

Exographer, platforming and puzzles inspired by particle physics


The first project developed by SciFunGames is a unique metroidvania based on science. Prepare for a perfect mix of exploration, platforming and puzzles imagined by physicist and sci-fi author Raphael Granier De Cassagnac. Every power in the game is based on particle physics, levels are inspired by actual observatories and labs, and the characters you will meet, the natitans, are inspired by true scientists… But this is not an educational game, it is a true pixel art adventure.

Join INI, the exographer, in a rescue mission on a stranded planet, gain new powers and overcome the obstacles through 6 different atmospheres. Prepare to discover an extinct civilization and learn their secrets.



Underling Uprising

Underling Uprising, a beat ’em up inspired by saturday morning cartoons!

Underling Uprising

Developed by studio Dummy Dojo, from California, Underling Uprising is a new take on classic beat´em ups, with a modern approach. Join the underlings, a group of heroes inspired by cartoons from the ‘90s (such as Powerpuff Girls or Teen Titans Go!) and battle tons of enemies created by the mad scientist who also created you.

Underling Uprising is a fast paced brawler, with an animated look and a sense of humor, that can be enjoyed solo or in 4 player co-op mode. Forget about button mashing, and enjoy it´s open ended combo system, ride vehicles and fight through seven colorful stages around the world.



Ninja Chowdown: Glaze of Glory

Donatsu is coming later this year to Steam and consoles

Ninja Chowdown: Glaze of Glory

Finally it is time to introduce Donatsu, the chubby ninja, to new audiences. Our second game from Dummy Dojo is an action side scroller in which to collect donuts and fight the evil food clans.

The adventure begins when The Traveling Rollnin’s leader, Sushi Sam, steals the Know-nut, the Doughnut of Ultimate Knowledge, from the Dough-jo. And no one but Donatsu is skilled and badass enough to get it back!


On top of that, we will continue to release more content and DLCs for One Military Camp (and maybe announce some more games, who knows). Are you ready for 2024, a huge year for Abylight Studios?

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