Ninja Chowdown: Glaze of Glory

Game description

Donatsu is a cute chubby ninja whose story you follow in Ninja Chowdown: Glaze of Glory. He loves donuts more than anything!

The Dough-jo Donuttery,  a food chain and a ninja dojo at the same time, is climbing to the top of the food chain… the top of the chain of world’s food chains! Like every other one in this world, run by cuisine champions and competing food clans.  A strong flavor breeds an equally strong fighting spirit!

The adventure begins when The Traveling Rollnin’s leader, Sushi Sam, steals the Know-nut, the Doughnut of Ultimate Knowledge, from the Dough-jo. And no one but Donatsu is skilled and badass enough to get it back!

Ninja Chowdown: Glaze of Glory


  • Modern 2D pixel art aesthetic
  • Food themed story with an emphasis on donut and ninjas!
  • Short levels, thrilling and humorous.
  • 35 levels and 3 play modes
  • Unique and funny characters
  • Pets, clothes and weapons to customize your adventure
  • Easy to pick up, hard to master
Ninja Chowdown: Glaze of Glory

Key points

Fight your way to the top of the food chain of the world’s food chains in this ninjas and food themed indie game! Enjoy 35 thrilling levels and 3 play modes: Normal, Grey, and All You Can Beat.  

Ninja Chowdown: Glaze of Glory can be picked up instantly – but won’t be easy to master. The levels have a varying difficulty, so that everyone would get the challenge they’re looking for

About Dummy Dojo

Dummy Dojo is a game development studio based in Southern California, founded in 2019. Now working on Ninja Chowdown: Glaze of Glory and Underlings Uprising. For more info, visit Dummy Dojo  website, their Twitter, or Instagram.

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