RC Club - Augmented Reality Motorsport Racing

RC Club 2.0. is now available on the App Store!

Remote control vehicles that crash into real-world objects… Believe your eyes, it is happening!! It’s RC Club using augmented reality and the awesome LiDAR sensor on your iPad Pro 2020!

RC Club is a physically realistic simulation of a radio-controlled car: it performs just like it would in the real world! Mind the gravity, control the speed and acceleration and don’t forget about the weight of your car, the friction it makes on the ground, the forces that affect your vehicle, and check how the lights and shadows interact with your surroundings too!

Show off your tricks: ReplayKit allows you to record and share them!

RC Club is intuitive and accessible to anyone thanks to its 3 choices of control, drive easily or like a pro with the Casual, Advanced or Pro RC Control.

In the house, at the store or at the park – choose your track! PRESS KIT DOWNLOAD

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