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Abylight adventure continues on Twitch

Twitch is one of the most popular platforms nowadays, especially for people who like video games. There are thousands of streamers uploading content playing games of all kinds, both new and old, so we can always find the perfect channel for us. 

But not only that, developers and publishers have also joined to make streams as a window to show how their games look, what news are coming, or interviews with relevant people in the industry.

Irina Plays Hyper Light Drifter Twitch Stream

In the end, the great attraction of Twitch is that it is a direct -and live- communication channel with your community. 

You can talk and interact with them “face to face”, in a much more natural and friendly way. For gamers and fans, that’s awesome, because they can meet the team behind their favorite games, exchange impressions and learn a bit more about the development. But it’s also great for the developers themselves, as they can build a strong and lasting bond with the players and gather valuable feedback for their projects.

At Abylight we were already doing streams in this sense, but since August we started building a strategy to be able to offer interesting, varied, and above all: fun content.

True or False - QA Testing Edition

What we want

  • We want the gaming community to discover us and our catalog. Our games cover all platforms, prices and genres, so you will always be able to find a game that catches your attention.
  • Keep our community informed and updated: we will tell you everything we are doing in Abylight every week.
  • To draw the attention of gamers so they don’t miss our latest news.
  • Introduce our team of indie developers so that our community knows who is behind Abylight.
  • Provide interesting information about the gaming industry that can inspire indie developers and gamers.

How we want to do it

  • Playing our games. Hey! We love to play games as much as our community, and there’s no better way to do it than playing our own projects.
  • Reviewing the highlights of the week in each stream: releases, updates, patches, events…
  • We want communication to be direct and natural all the time, so we encourage the community to join Abylight’s Discord channel.
  • Thematic streams that mix games in order to have a nice time with people from our team and community.
  • Showing the development process of our games exclusively for our followers.
  • Interviews with other developers in the industry.
  • Talks with different roles of the Abylight team to learn more about their work, trajectory, and inspiration that can help other professionals or students.

Art-astic! Twitch Stream - Behind One Military Camp art with Luly

What categories we have created to make these streams

  • Irina Plays: Irina, from Abylight’s Marketing team, plays some of our games, like Cursed Castilla EX or Hyper Light Drifter
  • Funny History about Video Games: Irina, from Abylight’s Marketing team, tells us anecdotes and funny and curious events that have happened in the history of the games over the years.
  • True or False: a fun game in which Irina, Marketing Manager at Abylight, asks a team member questions about their role that can be true or false. It’s one of the best ways for the community to get to know each member better and ask questions about different roles, such as 3D artist or QA tester.
  • Art-astic!: streams focused on talking with Abylight’s art team and showing some of their latest work.
  • Road to Game: how to manage an indie game project from start to finish from the Director/Producer’s point of view.

We are already seeing how the community grows little by little every week and we are delighted to be able to spend these fun and rewarding moments. We hope to continue seeing new faces in the coming months and to build a healthy community that makes us all learn new things equally, but above all to share and enjoy what we like the most together: video games.

We invite you all to join our streams every Tuesday and Thursday from 18:00 CET on twitch.tv/abylight and to continue our conversations on Abylight’s Discord channel, there’s always time to share our thoughts!

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