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Cursed Castilla for Nintendo Switch is OUT!

Now available on Nintendo eShop for just $13.99 / 13,99€ / 1700¥

Abylight Studios is so excited and proud to announce that Don Ramiro will start conquering ⚔️ the Nintendo Switch today. 

Cursed Castilla brings back to life the arcade gold era with a unique 16-bit story inspired by European folklore and cavalry novels: A young witch’s sorrow has been corrupted by a malicious demon who uses her tears to open a gateway to hell. Now, the kingdom is threatened as evil floods the countryside.

Around this story, Locomalito creates a game with graphics and controls that satisfy the nostalgic itch. In addition, the music composed by Gryzor87 is able to bring us the unique feeling of the Sega Genesis sound chip.

Cursed Castilla for Nintendo Switch is packed with pure classic arcade action (running at 60fps both docked and handheld for a better experience), 4 different endings, 4 different view modes and more:

  • Explore Tolomera del Rey in depth through 8 game stages.
  • Fight against more than 48 types of enemies and 19 final bosses.
  • Brag about your combat skills with 16 unlockable achievements.
  • Learn about all the myths featured in the game with the illustrated bestiary.

Locomalito’s game has received widespread critical acclaim upon release on Nintendo 3DS as well as other systems. However, if you are not sure to jump into a dark word and face demoniac creatures such us mouras, ojáncanos, nuberus, or even the famous Quixote, please take a look what the audiences say about it:

92/100 – LevelUp

An exquisite homage to the likes of Ghosts n’ Goblins, Tiger Road, Willow and other 80s classics. Maldita Castilla takes old-school design to the next level and dares to amend some of the flaws of the old masters.

“A triumph of authenticity, good design and challenge”

90/100 – NintendoLife

A punishing but ultimately rewarding love letter to the classic action platformers of the coin-op industry’s golden years […] The visuals are wonderful, with some great sprite work and memorable levels.

“Cursed Castilla EX is often brutal, but never unfair”

87/100 – Areajugones

With a classic and accurate gameplay, […] it’s a great game that will satisfy all of those nostalgics. In addition, the game can also introduce the younger to the magical world of the impossible arcades.

“Castilla Ex has become one of the best arcades of the market”

85/100 – NintendoWR

A fantastic game that accurately recreates the brilliance of the 16 bit era […] with a killer soundtrack and added 3D effects. If simple old-school gameplay, beautiful pixel art, and a hardcore difficulty is up your alley, then this game is a no-brainer.

“One of the biggest highlights are the bosses, usually epic and heart-pounding”

85/100 – Worthplaying

A perfect example of the kind of well-crafted, hair-pulling experience that adventure fans know all too well. Controls are precise, the retro look is as authentic […] gameplay feels perfect, even if it is highly difficult.

“Those who cut their teeth on the 16-bit era of platformers will be right at home here”

80/100 – TheSixthAxis

One of the best modern retro games that I’ve played, successfully capturing the look and feel of its influences but also improving on the controls and level design. It feels just like the way I remember the arcade originals.

“Add in the extra challenges from trophies and you have a great title with bags of replayability”

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